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+31 0624662151 Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Frontend development

I create the face of web products with latest technologies

Backend development

Model design, APIs building, API documentation

About David Valín

I'm a serial autodidact in everything related to internet technology. I started learning in 1996 when internet just arrived to Spain. In the last years, I have worked in multiple projects for big, medium and small corporations, as well as for particulars, in different roles, fact that has converted me into an experienced developer that touched almost all the areas of web development.

With my 9 years of professional experience I am today living in the Netherlands providing solid software development services for my clients.

I have worked in the offices of

How I work


I make it

  • centralized
  • object oriented
  • documented
  • reusable
  • testable
  • predictable
  • scalable
  • profitable

Featured Projects

Real Time Bidding platform

I entirely rebuilt from scratch together with a designer
the entire frontend of a Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform
at Yieldr. This was enterprise level.


I entirely created this. Business model design. Prototype. Design, frontend and backend implementations with lots of unit tests. A big development project that includes a content licensing system, review system, content processing system, invoicing system, royalties system, affiliate system and much, much more...

Travel Inspiration Finder

I participated during 4 months in this platform, implementing features, fixing bugs,
making improvements and consultancy for Next-Link working at KLM building in Amsterdam Schiphol Rijk

svg world map navigator

I entirely implemented the v1.0 application from a design and UX specification
using Angular.js framework and Kartograph.js library for Techtribe


I joined them to implement web ui components using vanilla javascript and typescript. I helped them to improve Angular code. Also fix a lot of bugs




I entirely created this. Business model design. Prototype. Design, Frontend and Backend implementations. It's a online courses e-commerce application that includes digital products shop, landing pages system, email integration and an affiliate system.


I had the pleasure of working with David Valin at Rabobank, collaborating on a very special project.

I was impressed with David’s ability to focus until work is done, He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver.

David would be a true asset for any positions requiring Front-end skills and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

David is a hard-working smart developer cum architect cum consultant for the Front End technologies. He can help the big corporates achieve speed and scalability of a startup with his skills and knowledge of end-to-end web application engineering

Ajay Chandravadiya, Tata Consulting Services ( TCS )

David is a very creative and proactive developer who's contagious enthusiasm helped bring our application to a new level.

Niels Baarsma - CTO - Co-Founder, Yieldr

David and I worked together for more then 1 year. His contagious enthusiasm and good mood are a very nice addition to any development team,
that in combination with his commitment to full-fill a small task or very big assignment make him a very productive developer. Given the opportunity
I would definitely would like to work with David again.

Joris Spermon - VP Development

David Valín works with the most advanced technical knowledge and the seriousness of formality of a law firm. I would define him as a professional capable and auto-exigent which you like working with.

Carlos Cesteros, Lonver

Sobriety and professionalism in addressing the projects, and resolution for developing the entrusted facet.

Alejando Losada, Festival Ho!

Each time we make a project with David, is an enriching experience. It has never been limited to give a timely solution to the problem is posed, but it makes its point of view and their knowledge and experience to improve or make better use the project that is being addressed.
A professional like few in this highly competitive area.

Carlos Portomeñe
A-Porta Innovaciones S.L.

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